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Night Gallery




драма, мистерија, фантазија, научна фантастика, трилер, хорор


50 мин

Главни улоги:

Rod Serling
  >  Himself - Host
Harry Hickox
  >  Sheriff (segment "Green Fingers")
Hilly Hicks
  >  Barnes (segment "Class of '99")
Barry Higgins
  >  Mickey Standish (segment "There Aren't Any More MacBanes")
Harriet Nelson
  >  Helena Millikan (segment "You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan")
Rose Hobart
  >  Mrs. Hugo (segment "The Dear Departed")
Mary Gail Hobbs
  >  Miss Trevor (segment "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar")
Bern Hoffman
  >  Reverend
Robert Hogan
  >  Jim Emsden (segment "Brenda")
Frank Hotchkiss
  >  Clinton (segment "Class of '99")
Clint Howard
  >  Herbie Bittman (segment "The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes")
Rance Howard
  >  Cameraman (segment "The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes")
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.
  >  Bartender (segment "The Miracle at Camafeo") (as Rodolfo Hoyos)
Joan Huntington
  >  Susan Douglas (segment "The Hand of Borgus Weems")
Lisabeth Hush
  >  Mother (segment "Silent Snow, Secret Snow")


Similar in format to Serling's much more famous "Twilight Zone" series. Each week we get a new tale, represented by a painting in an old museum. Whereas the tales in "Twilight Zone" were more science fiction, these tales have a darker, more horrific edge.
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