Los ojos vendados


драма (1978)

Los ojos vendados

Оцена од корисниците
Los ojos vendados


Los ojos vendados






110 мин


Carlos Saura


Carlos Saura

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Deeply impressed by the testimony of an anonymous woman at the Russell Tribunal about the torture she suffered, Luis, the theater director, decides to mount a play that will be the adaptation of that testimony.
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  • La prima Angélica

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    When the single middle-aged Luis travels from Barcelona to bury the remains of his mother in the vault of his family in Segovia, he is lodged by his aunt Pilar in her old house where he spent his...
  • El buen amor

    El buen amor (1963)


    A couple of young university students decide to spend the day in Toledo, in order to forget a little of the routine in which they are. At nine o'clock in the morning, José Luis waits at the Atocha...
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    драма, криминалистички

    A bunch of scoundrels and members of the Spanish youth, who until now have not paid attention more than in the police stations. They are a group of friends who survive as they can in the suburbs of...
  • Elisa, vida mía

    Elisa, vida mía (1977)


    Luis (Fernando Rey) je šezdesetogodišnji pisac koji godinama živi u usamljenoj trošnoj kući na selu u središnjoj Španjolskoj kako bi se skrio od mrskog mu modernog života i kako bi u miru mogao...

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