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биографски, драма, комедија (2019)

The 20th Century

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The 20th Century


The 20th Century




биографски, драма, комедија


90 мин


Matthew Rankin


Matthew Rankin

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Kee Chan
  >  Dr. Milton Wakefield
Seán Cullen
  >  Lord Muto
Richard Jutras
  >  Father
Louis Negin
  >  Mother
Dan Beirne
  >  Mackenzie King
Trevor Anderson
  >  Mr. Justice Richardson
Emmanuel Schwartz
  >  Lady Violet
Brent Skagford
  >  Arthur Meighen
Marc Ducusin
  >  A.A. Heaps
Charlotte Legault
  >  Angel of Britain
Mikhaïl Ahooja
  >  Bert Harper
Catherine St-Laurent
  >  Ruby Eliott
Jadyn Malone
  >  Smoking Street Child
Satine Scarlett Montaz
  >  Little Charlotte


Renowned for his mesmerizing, gonzo biographical shorts Mynarski Death Plummet and The Tesla World Light, Matthew Rankin doubles down on his signature blend of historical and aesthetic abstraction with his debut feature, a bizarre biopic that re-imagines the formative years of former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King as a series of abject humiliations. Stylistically indebted to early cinema via its alchemy adoption of antiquated analogue techniques that recall the work of Guy Maddin, The Twentieth Century plays fantastically fast and loose with history as it riotously roasts both its subject and the political legacies of the Great White North. Exuding both manic ambition and cherubic naivety, Daniel Beirne is magnificently funny as a young Mackenzie King, who is determined to fulfill the political destiny that was prophesied by his dogmatic mother (played by Maddin regular Louis Negin). But when destiny appears to be deferred by a romantic rebuke and an unexpected ...
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