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драма, хорор (1987)

Shallow Grave

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Shallow Grave


Shallow Grave




драма, хорор


90 мин


Richard Styles


George Edward Fernandez

Главни улоги:

Donna Baltron
  >  Rose
Carol Cadby
  >  Patty
Gregg Todd Davis
  >  Owen
Tom Law
  >  Deputy Scott
Tony March
  >  Sheriff Dean
Kevin Quigley
  >  L.Q.
Shannon Ratigan
  >  Gas Attendant
Lisa Stahl
  >  Sue Ellen
Vincent Tumeo
  >  Chad
Kimberly Johnston
  >  Shower Girl
Merry Rozelle
  >  Angie
Charmaine Stratos
  >  Nun
Roy Smart
  >  Eliah
Heidi Brown
  >  Karen the bar maid
Just Kelly
  >  Cindy
Ellen Dostal
  >  Co-ed
Tommie Hall
  >  Co-ed
Amanda R. Gonzales
  >  Ambulance Driver


When four young college girls stumble upon a murder, they find themselves targeted by a killer who will stop at nothing to silence them.
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