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драма (2021)

Naegen namu sojunghan neo

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Naegen namu sojunghan neo


Naegen namu sojunghan neo






100 мин


Chang-Won Lee
, Sung-Mo Kwon


Chang-Won Lee
, Sung-Mo Kwon

Главни улоги:

Kim Jong-goo
  >  Mr. Jung
Yoon-Jung Jang
  >  Counselor
Kang Shin-il
  >  Yeon-Joo's father
Jung Seo-Yeon
  >  Eun Hye
Bang Eun-Jung
  >  Eun-Sook (adult)
Jang Sun-Yool
  >  Jae-Sik (child)
Kim Tae-hoon
  >  Chul-Jin
Jung Ye-Na
  >  Special School Student
Park Ye-Ni
  >  Yeon-Joo
Alireza Abbas Beygi
  >  Adam
Jin Goo
  >  Jae Shik
Jae-rok Kim
  >  Jae-Sik's father
Jang Hye-jin
  >  Landlord
Park Hee-eun
  >  Volunteer
Yun-Woo Kim
  >  Special School Student


A life-changing story of a man who has lived as a loner his entire life. Jae Shik begins to live together with a child with a hearing-visual disability, as they change each other's lives and try to find a way to communicate.
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  • AlexDeLarge
    eXtreme member
    18.03.2023. 22:13
    Odličan je film. Hvala za prevod!
    Approval team
    18.03.2023. 22:01
    Prevod je uradio Kunshin ✨
  • JoxerTM
    eXtreme member
    02.01.2023. 01:12
    Ne shvaćaš.
    Bježim od drama ko vrag od tamjana.

    To što si ti napisao...
    Skidam i gledam čim stignem.