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хорор (2019)

Hell Girl

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Hell Girl


Hell Girl






81 мин


Lawrence Riggins


Lawrence Riggins

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Tom Sizemore
  >  Jedidiah
Boyd Kestner
  >  Morgan
Tara Westwood
  >  Laura
Cooper Gillespie
  >  Bartender Sadie
Jae Head
  >  Scott
Diana Lu
  >  Zoe
Greg Gastelum
  >  Tyler
Lauren Compton
  >  Nikki (as Lauren Elise)
Kherington Payne
  >  Lindsay
Ana Maria Estrada
  >  Michael
Masha Malinina
  >  Charity
Michael Peter Harrison
  >  Aiden
Moriah Solgan
  >  Party Girl


A demonic creature not of this world impregnates a woman. 160 years later a team of ghost hunters must set aside their quick buck party mentality when they discover one of their team is the offspring of the entity haunting the place - and its true target. The offspring and her friends become uneasy allies with the ghost of the mother to destroy the demon and restore harmony.
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