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  • Најдовме 1989 резултати.
  • Žanr: вестерн
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

    биографски, драма, криминалистички, вестерн

    Butch Cassidy (P. Newman) i njegov najbolji prijatelj i partner Sundance Kid (R. Redford) iznimno su vješti pljačkaši banaka, šefovi bande zvane Rupa u zidu koji 90-ih godina 19. stoljeća spretno i...
  • Hostage Child

    Hostage Child (1962)


    A Tonkawa boy is found starving on his way to Fort Lacey to find his sister to help his starving tribe. He unknowingly unearths that Col. Briscoe known as the butcher of Indians is unwittingly...
  • Incident at Cactus Wells

    Incident at Cactus Wells (1962)


    Forrester notices a man trailing the herd for a few days but he's elusive. After one of the men stampedes the herd, the man drives in a few strays and asks for a job. The men are suspicious of his...
  • Incident at Red River Station

    Incident at Red River Station (1960)


    Favor and Rowdy accidentally get the smallpox, and they leave the herd to find vaccine for themselves, and the town around.
  • Incident at Sugar Creek

    Incident at Sugar Creek (1962)


    As the herd nears Sugar Creek Sam Garrett is seriously hurt and they learn the herd is facing tick fever ahead. When the people of Sugar Creek learn Sam is with the herd, the town turns on the...
  • Incident at Two Graves

    Incident at Two Graves (1963)


    Rowdy decides to help a prize fighter who threw a fight to him when the town decides to tar and feather him. He is carrying a heavy mystery package heading into dangerous Indian Territory where he...
  • Incident of the Devil and His Due

    Incident of the Devil and His Due (1960)


    Gil is allowed to continue the cattle drive, despite being accused of murder by the victim's wife and son, after Rowdy is deputized to guard him. Meanwhile, the real killers, three outlaws, scheme to...
  • Incident of the Hostages

    Incident of the Hostages (1963)


    Taking in three White children kidnapped by passing Arapahos puts the fatherly drovers in peril. Longing to return to the Apaches who raised them after white men killed their settler parents, Yellow...
  • Incident of the Hunter

    Incident of the Hunter (1962)


    A man looking for a job is recognized by Rowdy and Clay. Rowdy knows him as a fellow Confederate soldier while Clay knows him as a bounty hunter. When he admits it, everyone begins to think he is...
  • Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom

    Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom (1962)


    Wishbone and Rowdy go to town for supplies. Rowdy decides to get a bath and spend the evening on the town. At the saloon the bartenders spike the drinks he and a lady have hoping to break them up...
  • Incident of the Running Iron

    Incident of the Running Iron (1961)


    While herding strays, Quince comes across a man altering brands. Before Quince can pursue him a posse comes upon the site and charges Quince with rustling. Gil and Rowdy have only hours clear him...
  • Incident on the Road Back

    Incident on the Road Back (1961)


    The men are back together and headed to San Antonio with a herd of horses.